“Heaven’s Very Special Child”—A Poem

Someone dear to me gave me this poem. I had tears in my eyes before I got to the end. I wanted to share. I offer this with full respect to all belief systems.

Heaven’s Very Special Child

A meeting was held quite far from earth,

“It’s time again for another birth.”

Said the angels to the Lord above,

“This special child will need much love.”


“Their progress may be very slow,

Accomplishments they may not show.

And they’ll require extra care

From the folks they meet down there.”


“They may not run or laugh or play,

Their thoughts may seem quite far away.

In many ways they won’t adapt,

And they’ll be known as ‘Handicapped’.”


“So let’s be careful where they’re sent.

We want their lives to be content.

Please, Lord, find the parents who

Will do a special job for you.”


“They will not realize right away

The leading role they are asked to play.

But with this child sent from above

Comes stronger faith and richer love.”


“And soon they’ll know the privilege given

In caring for their special gift from Heaven.

Their precious charge, so meek and mild,

Is heaven’s very special child.”


Author Unknown


To all of you who are given a child who moves differently from you and others, thank you if you work hard to accept and love and create a healthy space for them and you. If you do not create a safe and healthy space for them and you, please reach out to others and get help.


My Different-Brained Son Is Like a Piece of Art

When someone asks about Michael, here’s how I describe him at this moment in time:

When you walk into the Museum Of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York, there are pieces of art there that have moved me at a visceral level. Michael, to me, is like a painting that deserves to be hung in MOMA. He moves my entire physical and emotional state with his energy. Michael is like experiencing full grief and full joy all at the same time. It feels like he is brooding with paradox, and you’re fully in it when he’s with you. His colors are so intensely rich, they almost take your breath away. You want to step away because of the intensity, yet something keeps pulling you back in so you’re left confused and tired and exhilarated.

Now, that might seem like a far-fetched description of a child, but that is my absolute truth. I am an artist, and I have been to the MOMA in New York, and I literally started crying at several paintings. I am moved by art on many levels. That is exactly how I feel about Michael.